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January 17th, the day we give up on our New Year’s resolutions

According to Strava data, Jan. 17 is the day most people lose sight of their goals

Two and a half weeks, that is statistically how long it takes most people to abandon their New Year’s resolutions. After analyzing more than 685 million activities, Strava concluded that Jan. 17 is the day that most people give up on their fitness goals.

Fitness goals for 2019

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Here are five insights that can help you stay active throughout 2019:

1) Join a club and train with a group

Athletes who join a club are three times more active than those who don’t. Although training on your own has its benefits, it can be unmotivating. If you’re looking for some added motivation, then joining a training group is a good start.

NRG Performance Training group. Photo: VIRB Picture

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2) Set a goal

If you want to make sure your motivation goes beyond January, set yourself a goal. Don’t just set one big goal or something general, make sure you have a number of process goals to help you stay accountable and motivated. For example, if you want to finish an Ironman in 15 hours next year, start by setting process goals for the swim, bike and run – even include races you would like to use to test your progress.

Take the time to sit down and set goals.

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3) Mix it up

As a multisport athlete, this should be no problem, but sometimes we can become stuck in our routines. In 2019, don’t be afraid to mix in a trip to your local climbing gym, put on a pair of skis or take a hike, the change in stimuli will only make you stronger.

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4) Triathlete to Multisport athlete

You don’t just have to do triathlons, you can also give duathlons, aquathlons, aquabikes and cross triathlons a try.

Duathlons are a great way to improve your run.

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5) Change up your routes

Change is good. You don’t always have to do the usual 5K run loop or the 30K out and back ride – change up your routes. You may even consider a winter training camp to escape the cold.

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