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Strava proves joining a training group may increase your mileage

Let’s face it, it can be tough to coordinate group training sessions or activities. But, if you’re looking for some extra motivation or a reason to go longer on your training sessions, you may want to consider joining a training group in the new year.

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In Strava’s Year in Review, the social media fitness app found that group rides were 50 per cent longer than the solo grind. While group run sessions were 20 per cent longer than the solo jog.

NRG winter training camp in Florida. Photo: VIRB Picture

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Other statistics present in Strava’s Year in Review included the most kudoed photo – Chris Froome and his son at Stage Three of the Tour of Britain. As well as the biggest trends in Strava uploads.

Coffee or Beer? Based on Strava titles, runners mention beer as their beverage of choice, while cyclists prefer coffee.

“Let’s meet up”: Those in the 50-59 age group are more likely to upload a group activity – 66.7 per cent of uploads. Men upload more group activities than women – 61.5 per cent versus 57.7 per cent.

What is the busiest day of the week? Sundays were the most popular days for running and cycling. This is likely due to most races taking place on the weekend.

What is the fastest day of the week? Tuesdays were the fastest days of the week, likely explained by “Track Tuesdays.”

How fast are athletes on Strava? The average run on Strava lasts approximately 50 minutes and covers 8K. The average bike lasts over an hour and a half and covers over 35K.

The work commute: Run commuting increased by 13 per cent this year and is reportedly growing faster than ride commuting globally. Runners average 1-2 commutes/week covering 8K, and cyclists average 3-4 commutes/week covering 16K.

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Emoji versus no emoji? On average, Strava activities receive twice the amount of kudos when there are emojis in the title.

In 2019 keep sharing your workouts, encouraging others, enjoying the outdoors and being active. If you are a Strava user, you have the option to create your own year in review video – “Your Year in Sport.”