Triathlon Magazine Canada welcomes story submissions from writers, photographers, athletes, coaches and enthusiasts. If you have a story idea you’d like to submit, please send a brief submission to our editors, Kevin Mackinnon, at and Claire Duncan, at

Here are a few guidelines for stories printed in the magazine:

General writing style:

Triathlon is a positive, upbeat and active sport. Submission proposals should reflect that aspect of the sport. Whenever possible, active tense should be used.

Sections of the magazine:

Warm Up: Opening section of the magazine. Stories are short, upbeat and to the point. Submissions should be 400-750 words, with accompanying pictures. Payment schedule: $50-$100


– Profiles: club/age group athlete/pro

– What’s New/What’s Hot

– Tech and/or Training Tip

– Industry/Pro News

Gear Reviews: Specific product reviews. 250-1,000 words. Payment schedule: $50-$200

Features: Extensive stories and coverage. 2,000-2,500 words. Please submit a detailed 200-word proposal and a writing sample. Payment schedules: $200

Training: Swim/Bike/Run/Nutrition stories. 1,000 words. Payment schedule: $100

Back Page Podium: Elite athlete viewpoint. 750-1,000 words. Payment schedule: $150

Photos: Triathlon Magazine Canada is illustrated with superb photography. Our cover, table of contents, news, features, and many other columns all require photos. If you want to find out our present needs, query senior photo editor Matt Stetson at Our photo rates throughout the book are as follows: Cover: $200, double-page spread: $150, Full Page: $100, Half Page: $75, Less than Half Page: $25.