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What it looks like when runners and triathletes train together

This is what happens when the two sports cross over

A triathlon is usually won in the run. The best way to improve your run is to train with runners. But don’t count on a runner to help improve your swim and bike.

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Here’s what it looks like when a runner trains with a triathlete.

Runner swimming with a triathlete

The truth is, unless a runner comes from a swimming background, they’re notoriously bad at it.

But the partnership can work. Corey Bellemore is the beer mile world record holder, a national 1,500m medallist, and now, budding triathlete. Anyone who follows Lionel Sanders’ social media presence knows he’s been spending a lot of time with Bellemore.

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Runner cycling with a triathlete

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The three biggest complaints about runners on a bike are: they never bring enough food, they’re terrible at pacing themselves and they only care about speed. But don’t be discouraged runners, just pack a few extra snacks and take it easy in the first couple of kilometres. Cycling is a great way to take the stress off your joints from running.

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Runner running with a triathlete

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Triathletes, try to keep up.

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Story was done on Canadian Running Magazine by Madeleine Kelly