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Counting back to Kona: 2009 – Wellington takes Newby-Fraser’s record and a pair of Canadians in the top-5

Canadians Tereza Macel and Samantha McGlone finish in the top-five

Counting back to Kona: 2015 – power and capriciousness on the Big Island

One of the greatest examples of the unpredictability of racing on the Big Island of Hawaii

My Coworkers Think I’m a Pro

A look at the lighter side of being a triathlete

Laundry and Jamnicky win C3 Old School Pro triathlon

Jackson Laundry led a men’s long-distance podium, while Dominika Jamnicky took the women’s title in a sprint distance race in Caledon

Nina Kraft’s last triathlon interview (2007): “I was honest – and I give myself credit for that”

A look back at Nina Kraft’s last interview with Germany’s Triathlon Magazine

Reserve Wheels launches carbon road wheel line

New wheels feature a collaboration between “Cervelo aero and Santa Cruz durability”

Embrace your base

Now is the perfect time to work on your endurance fitness.

What vegetarian pro triathlete Tamara Jewett eats in a day

Vegetarian since she was six years old, Tamara Jewett is tuned in to what her body needs to remain fuelled for training and racing.

New Garmin Edge 1030 Plus and Edge 130 Plus take training to the next level

Latest upgraded computers from Garmin offer enhanced navigation tools, performance insight information and safety and tracking features.

The joys and training benefits of beach running

Studies show that running on sand reduces muscular soreness and fatigue.