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A triathlete’s ideal date

If your loved one happens to be a triathlete, here are some date ideas we'd love.

We warned you to never date a triathlete, but if your special someone is a triathlete, we have you covered. What you have to remember when it comes to triathletes is that we’re creatures of habit. We plan our lives around our workouts. So, when Valentine’s day comes along, don’t expect us to be taking a rest day. Don’t take this personally, it’s just who we are.

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If you’re in a relationship with a triathlete, here are some date ideas we’d appreciate.

AM run with breakfast to finish

First thing in the morning, let’s go for an easy run. Don’t worry, we won’t break into a Rocky Balboa sprint. We’ll save breakfast for after and enjoy each other’s company. We appreciate this greatly. After our run, we can grab a coffee and a big breakfast to start our day.

Lunch is usually reserved for a quick swim

Hopefully, you like to swim…

Movie night on the trainer

After a long day at work, it’s time to get on the trainer. We’ll probably have Zwift going on in the background, but let’s pick a flick and pass the time with a movie. Rom-com, action, comedy, drama, you pick.

A big dinner to finish off the day

After all that training, we’re ready to eat. Let’s go somewhere ‘healthy.’ We’re usually on the ball when it comes food. Trust us. When you train this much, you need to know where the healthy dinner options are.

Plus, if our ‘A’ race is more than three months out, we can enjoy a beer or a glass of wine. If not, a glass of milk will be fine.

Thank you for a great date. Though we may not show it in the traditional way, we do appreciate the time we get to spend together.