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Are you addicted to triathlon?

A new study shows triathletes are at a greater risk of becoming addicted to exercise - there are worst things to be addicted to.

In a study by Dr. Josephine Perry of Performance in Mind, Perry found that ultra-endurance athletes are at risk of becoming addicted to exercise, especially triathlon. In triathlon, it has been found the longer the race distance, the higher rates of addiction. To prepare for such a long race the number of training hours needs to increase. As the amount of time training increases, the triathlete’s risk of addiction also increases.

In her study, she recruited 255 amateur endurance athletes from the age of 19 to 41. The endurance athletes were classified by sport – cycling, running, swimming and triathlon. Of the triathletes included in the study, 46 per cent were shown to be at risk for exercise addiction – this was the highest of the four sports.

There are worst things to be addicted to. Photo Courtesy of Super League Triathlon Penticton

There are worst things to be addicted to.

Triathlon is one of the few sports in the world that has you train for three disciplines. This feat may seem intimidating, but as you work at each event you see improvement, go to a few races and you’re hooked. Triathlon is a great way to lose weight, meet new people, be involved in your community and stay active.

Addicted to Triathlon Checklist

  1. My exercise is incredibly important to me
  2. I have increased the amount of training I do
  3. I use exercise to improve my mood.
  4. I struggle when I can’t exercise
  5. I feel guilty when I can’t exercise
  6. When I stop exercising for a while I always go back to it and often with more intensity
  7. My sport gives my life a focus and I can feel aimless without it

If you related to any of the above statements, chances are you’re on your way to being addicted to triathlon.