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Making small adjustments are part of the bike fit process

Angela Naeth gives five tips on how to feel comfortable on the bike and put out power

Treadmill running tips from Angela Naeth

The biggest benefit of a treadmill is that you have full control over it. This helps you work on pacing and your running technique.

Convenient foods for travel and on-the-go!

Angela Naeth shares a few tips about what to look for when on-the-go and in need of a snack!

Is it “normal” to feel an off-season funk?

Angela Naeth: The short answer is yes, and it’s totally fine.

Angela Naeth: “I almost quit. Here’s what kept me going”

Everyone goes through rough patches in sport and life. Angela Naeth shares how she’s kept going despite a year of major challenges in her career.

Ironman community mourns loss of beloved homestay host

Angela Naeth’s tribute to Jim Brewer, who hosted many professional triathletes in his home for Ironman Chattanooga and touched many lives in the triathlon community.

Why it’s OK to gain that extra five pounds during the holidays

Putting on a little weight over the holidays actually has benefits for triathletes.

Workout Wednesday: Angela Naeth’s hill bounding run workout

  Here’s a quick and dirty workout that will help take your running to new levels. Triathlon is all about […]

What it takes to become a professional triathlete

I’ve been asked a few times now what it takes to become a professional triathlete. The simple answer is work […]

Angela Naeth’s tips to ride faster with time trials

Master the time trial to test your bike power and ride faster with these tips.