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Workout Wednesday: Angela Naeth’s hill bounding run workout


Here’s a quick and dirty workout that will help take your running to new levels. Triathlon is all about strength. Running uphill is a quick and easy way to gain just that. It’s a great way to introduce a type of running-based strength workout into your regime that helps you build power as you log time on your feet.

My coach Jesse Kropelnicki prescribes this workout to me throughout the season. It’s called hill bounding and according to the coach,“the purpose of hill bounding is two-fold:

  • 1) sports specific strength, and more importantly
  • 2) mechanics

Because of the exaggerated motion of bounding, knee drive is enhanced as is a forward-leaning posture. Hill bounding in the way that we do them also hits the neuromuscular side of things with fast hip flexor firing on the downhills and wind sprints.”


  • Warm up with 15 to 20 minutes progressing into an aerobic effort
  • Find a hill that is anywhere from a five to eight per cent grade and that takes roughly one minute to bound up
  • Bound up the hill five to eight times and jog down easy
  • Cool down with five minutes of easy jogging