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What triathletes look like in the gym

You do stand out from the crowd

The off-season can mean a few different things depending on your goals for the upcoming year. But, regardless of your season objectives or ability, it likely includes some time in the gym. A gym is a place where we can escape the cold, run on a treadmill, learn new exercises and maybe lift some weights off the ground and put them back down (and repeat).

Here are ten obvious clues that you’re a triathlete in a gym:

1) You begin your session on the treadmill.

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2) Unlike other gym goers, you spend longer than ten minutes on the treadmill.

3) You wear an old race t-shirt, split shorts and have a ball cap on backwards (rock it like Patrick Lange).

Patrick Lange with 5K to go at the2018 Ironman World Championship. Photo by Nigel Gray

4) While others around you deadlift 200 pounds, you do glute bridges.

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5) How do I use this contraption?

6) Resistance bands aren’t just for the legs – they’re also great for doing catch and pull drills.

7) You’re left in a daze wondering what it would be like to be someplace warm and outside training.

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8) You secretly pass judgement on those who lift more than you, “But can you swim, bike and run?”

9) If you have any Ironman swag, you’ll probably wear it.

10) You breathe a sigh of relief as you exit the gym – another session done.