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Run workout: Hill repeats

-By Lauren Brandon
We have talked about the importance of running hills in the past, but it is always good to keep these types of workouts in your weekly plan. What I like about the following workout, is that you add a bit of tempo intervals to your normal run hill day. You get a lot of benefit from running hills and you are especially able to work on strength and run form. After each set of hill repeats, you will do a 1K fast run interval and you will be able to feel the muscles that you used during your hills really working. You will also want to try and carry over the forward lean and fast cadence that you worked on during your hills as well.
  • Workout: Try to find a hill that you can do 30-45 second hill reps on and that has flat section at the bottom or top so that you are able to do a 1K fast directly following your hill intervals.
  • Warm up: 10-15 minutes- easy running with a 5×30 seconds fast
  • Set: 3x (4x 30-45 second hill reps (fast up and easy down); then 1K fast after each hill set). Depending on how long your run is, you can either do 1K easy after the 1K fast, or just run a couple of minutes easy before beginning your next round.
  • Cool down: 10 minutes