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Five training groups across Canada

Sick of training alone?

training in the heat

Are you looking to join a community of individuals that will inspire and motivate you all year long? A triathlon club can encourage you to get to the pool, lace-up your shoes for a track session or go out for a long ride on the weekend. Groups can also introduce you to new friends, local routes and increase your knowledge of the three-discipline sport.

Here are five triathlon training groups across Canada, from Victoria to Halifax.

Pacific Spirit Tri ClubVancouver, British Columbia

Created in 1996, the Pacific Spirit Triathlon Club is Vancouver’s longest-standing triathlon club. In 2019, the club has more than a hundred members ranging from early-20s to mid-60s. The club supports athletes of all abilities and interests.

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Swim practices take place at the University of British Columbia’s 50m indoor pool, and in the summer, open water sessions are available at Kits Beach. Bike sessions take place all year long with indoor spin classes during the winter and summer group rides. Club track workouts take place at Point Grey Secondary School track in Kerrisdale.

Triple Threat Tri ClubWinnipeg, Manitoba

The Triple Threat Triathlon Club is a diverse group of triathletes that includes those training for their first triathlon to experienced athletes competing long distance races. The Winnipeg-based club provides a fun and supportive atmosphere that allows their members a space to achieve their goals.

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Photo: Riding Mountain Tri

Members have access to training sessions at the Pan Am Pool, Indoor spin classes, brick workouts, a spring training camp and summer sessions.

Toronto Triathlon ClubToronto, Ontario

The Toronto Triathlon Club (TTC) started in 2003 as a group of friends interested in triathlon. The club has since grown to be Ontario’s largest triathlon group. TTC runs many training sessions and clinics available to their members and those interested in triathlons. 

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Toronto: Irene Ying

Training sessions take place at many locations across Toronto. For a complete list of the sites, click here.

McGill Triathlon ClubMontreal, Quebec

The McGill Triathlon Club (MTC) is open to the Montreal community, in addition to servicing McGill students, staff and alumni. With a range of abilities and athletic goals, club members share a common goal of having fun while improving physical fitness, performance and endurance.

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With 11 group sessions available throughout the week, MCT is a club for all abilities.

Halifax Triathlon ClubHalifax, Nova Scotia

The Halifax Triathlon Club (HTC) is a club for all abilities and goals. From try-a-tri to Ironman, the HTC offers an environment that is fun, engaging and informative.

With social events and training sessions throughout the year in all three disciplines, HTC is a great way to meet new people. Sessions include indoor pool and lake swims, brick and track workouts, no-drop group bike rides and social parties.

For other clubs in your area, go to your provincial triathlon website via Triathlon Canada.