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Strava recaps “Your Year in Sport”

A personalized video that will bring back memories from your year in triathlon

Strava wants to remind you how many hours you spent swimming, biking and running in 2018. A personalized video is now available to all users of the social media fitness application and will run through your most important stats from the past year. The video is available after logging into your Strava account.

Strava’s “Your Year in Sport” video.

The film will show you how many days you were active, as well as how many hours you put into the swim, bike and run. The short minute-long video also highlights some of your most impressive activities, photos, accomplishments and statistics.

Strava won’t just count your triathlon activities, it will also take into account hikes, cross-country skiing, gym sessions and any other activity you uploaded this year.

The video features your top photos from your activities this year and brings back some fond memories of what your year in triathlon has been like.

To see your ‘My Year in Sport’ video visit 2018.strava.com.