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The go-to coffee orders for pro triathletes

Coffee rides are a necessity. Here are the go-to coffee orders for some of Canada’s top triathletes.

Coffee rides are an essential part of any training week. These caffeinated stops can occur following a recovery spin or a hard weekend group ride.

Coffee orders can vary ride-to-ride and person-to-person, but some are tried and tested favourites that never disappoint. Here are the go-to coffee orders for some of Canada’s top triathletes.

Nathan Killam2018 Great White North Champion (bike course record) and 3rd at Ironman 70.3 Victoria and Wildflower Triathlon

“I always order a small triple-shot americano long-pour with only ¾ filled water (otherwise known as a ‘long black’ but many shops don’t know what that is). I also always order a scone or muffin if they have a good selection!”

Nathan Killam enjoying a long black and scone at the Diplomat Bakery in Richmond, BC.

Matthew Sharpe9th at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and the 2017 Aquathlon World Champion

“I’m always keen for a coffee stop, pre-, mid- and post-ride. My go-to order is a Picollo. I like it because you can still get a good idea of the taste of the coffee but with the added enjoyment of a bit of velvety milk. If I’m hungry I’ll always grab a bite – I love a good chocolate chip cookie.”

Matthew Sharpe’s favourite coffee ride buddy (and girlfriend), USA triathlete Kirsten Kasper.

Rachel McBride 2018 Ironman 70.3 Victoria Champion and 2nd at Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant

“My winter group rides meet at a place in town called Kafka’s. My go-to order is an Americano with just a little water and a salted, chocolate chip cookie!”

Rachel McBride enjoying an Americano. Photo: Goldstein Productions

Coffee buds – Karsten Madsen (7th at the 2018 Xterra World Championship) and Tyler Mislawchuk (2018 Mooloolaba ITU World Cup champion)

“Both of us love a good coffee shop ride. Any place we roll together in the world we will do our research and hit it up. Orders for us are usually anything from a piccolo to double shot espresso. Sometimes we ask the barista what they do best.”

Karsten Madsen and Tyler Mislawchuk enjoying a post-ride coffee.

Taylor ReidFour Professional Half Distance Victories, including Ironman 70.3 Victoria

“This order was a Macchiato and banana bread. But I will also go for a Latte and butter tart if the day calls for it.”

Taylor Reid’s go-to order: Macchiato and banana bread

Joanna Brown3rd at the 2018 Commonwealth Games

“I’m fortunate to be in Canada currently and training here has its perks! Recently, I went for a Tim Horton’s London Fog to warm me up when the weather was slightly dire outdoors…”

Who doesn’t love a Tim Hortons stop?

Cody Beals2018 Ironman Mont-Tremblant and Chattanooga champion

“Apple coffee cake and tea from Lost Acre Variety in West Montrose. Coffee is for special occasions only!”

Apple coffee cake and tea from Lost Acre Variety

Alexis Lepage2018 Santiago CAMTRI American Cup champion

“I am a huge fan of a flat white and the classic French pastry chocolatine.”