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Contraception choice for female endurance athletes – what’s sport got to do with it?

Call for participants in an online survey

If you are a female endurance athlete, you are invited to participate in this online survey study.

Like many women, female athletes are concerned about the potential side effects of different methods of contraception impacting health and well-being, but they must also consider how these affect their athletic performance. Unfortunately, there is limited scientific information on how different contraception options impact endurance performance.

To address this gap in research, researchers from the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry have designed a survey study for female endurance athletes who have used or considered using contraceptives which require health care consultation while competing in their sport. The study will collect empirical data on their experiences navigating the contraception selection process, the perceived impact of different contraception options on their athletic performance and well-being, and which contraception methods are currently preferred.

Results from this study will be used to develop resources that can help inform female endurance athletes inquiring about contraception as well as the physicians advising these athletes.

If you are interested in participating, please see the link below for more details:

CFEA Qualtrics Survey Link