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10 Things only a triathlon couple will understand

There are some things only a fellow triathlete will put up with

It’s hard enough when one member of the household is a triathlete. Throw two of you into the mix and it makes for a wonderful combination of inspiration, motivation, along with storage and travel challenges, not to mention all the race-day logistic nightmares. While we wouldn’t trade it for anything, there are certain aspects of being a triathlon couple that, well, the rest of the world simply don’t get.

1. Two sets of shaved legs are better than one

The words “I’ll be a while in the shower – I have to shave my legs,” are enough to break up many relationships, which is why its great when you can say those words and your partner totally gets it.

2. Equipment storage is an issue

Face it, we have a lot of gear. There’s a stack of running shoes. There is an insane amount of swimming gear – wetsuits, pull buoys, kick boards, paddles, fins. Then there are the bikes, and the wheels. It’s hard for a spouse to yell at you to get rid of one of those bikes in the basement when they have as many, or more!

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3. “Vacations” actually mean races or training camps

There are couples who actually go on vacations without swim, bike and run gear. They are considered normal. That’s not us.

4. Every home needs a training room (or area)

Isn’t it nice when your partner shares in your need to have a designated space in your house or apartment that is dedicated to training? Trainers, weights, yoga mat … they need a permanent home, right?

5. Nutrition items are best bought in bulk

Understanding partners know that at least one cupboard needs to be filled with drink powder, bars, gels and all the other supplements that are a critical part of our training and racing.

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6. Dates are best done while moving

Come on … we don’t have time to spend an entire evening at a restaurant getting to know one another. We can cover a lot of the basics during a run, compare racing histories and upcoming “A” race plans while stretching, then run through our last two months of speed workouts over pizza and a beer.

7. Most laundry loads are training kit

When you work out twice a day almost every day, there’s a lot of laundry. Figuring out when you can wash your non-training clothes can be a challenge. It’s great to have someone else in the house who gets it.

8. Gifts are always swim, bike or run related … unless they are part of #3 above

Sadly, there are spouses who wouldn’t be excited to get the latest GPS watch. I know … makes no sense to me, either.

9. Accidentally switching timing chips is never a good thing

Remember the two minutes you thought it was funny that you accidentally had the wrong timing chips on at that race? Then your husband took second in the women’s 35 to 39 age group and you had to run up to the stage and tell the race announcer there was a mistake … Yeah, his buddies still give him a hard time about that one.

10. Qualifying for Kona is always a good thing – no matter who makes it

You’d think there might be some jealousy. One of you won the age group and punched their ticket to Kona. Hah! Are you kidding? “We’re going to Hawaii!” (And you get to enjoy the day while they get annihilated by the heat and the wind.)

With files and inspiration from Canadian Cycling Magazine