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How to add some spice to your weekend long ride

Long rides are back! These rides are great to build endurance and sneak in a post-ride coffee. You can make the cafe stop more enjoyable by including some race pace intervals. These longer efforts aren’t about going deep into the red, but are more focused on helping develop strength and managing your effort.

Lauren Brandon racing on her Ventum One.

The following bike session is best to do during a three-hour ride so that you have enough time to warm up and cool down. During the efforts, you want to aim for your goal half distance pace (or higher) – you should be tired at the end. If you are doing a group ride, stay out in the front and pull the pack, or take longer turns when riding into the wind.

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Warm up: 30 minutes with 5 x 30-60 second hard efforts
  • Main Set: 4 x (20 minutes at goal half distance pace with 10 minutes easy in between each interval).
  • Cool Down: 30 minutesĀ