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SMART EATING: Nutrition Supplements

Swim, bike, run and fuel – performing in all four areas is critical when it comes to long-distance success. Figuring out the best fuel for your training and racing needs has never been easier – there are lots of different options for getting much-needed energy, whether you’re training or racing. Here are a few of our favourites head- ing into a busy summer of triathlon endeavours:

CLIF Bloks
$3; $54, BOX OF 18

These chewable cubes are the most fun way to stay fuelled during long days in the saddle or out on the run. With a bunch of flavours, including everything from salted watermelon (with double the sodium) to strawberry to black cherry, you’ll feel like you’re a kid again while getting some much-needed energy. At 35 calories per cube, it’s effortless to customize your caloric intake during long efforts, and they’re easy to store in a pocket or belt pouch, too.

ELOAD Hydration

One of the most tried and true hydration drinks we’ve seen in the sport, eLoad is a great choice for any triathlete, but especially those who sweat a lot. With lots of electrolytes including sodium, potassium, zinc and magnesium, along with easily- absorbed dextrose to provide energy and help maintain your salt level, the eLoad formula even includes calcium to help with bone strength.

ENDURANCE TAP: Maple Syrup Energy Gel $79, BOX OF 24

It doesn’t get more Canadian (or tasty) than a maple syrup energy gel, eh? These Canadian-made gels use Canadian maple syrup for an easy-to-digest high-performance energy gel that provides much-needed energy and minerals to keep you going. They’re especially easy on the stomach, and you’ll find yourself looking forward to the next one even at the toughest point of your next full-distance race or super-long training day.

$40, BOX OF 12

Some might get a bit squeamish at the thought, but these bars from Montreal-based Näak have everything you need to nail your next long, hard effort. One of the key ingredients is cricket flour, which is high in protein, calcium, iron and other vitamins. Add in the natural sugar from maple syrup and dates, and you have a tasty bar high in B12 vitamins and minerals that’ll get you through some hard efforts.

NUUN Performance: $31, 32-SERVING POUCH

We’ve always been huge fans of Nuun’s tablets, which provide much-needed electrolytes without any calories, but what do you do when you’re going longer and need something extra to keep you going? Nuun’s Performance powder allows you to add some carbohydrates to the much-needed electrolytes in your water bottle to keep you going for those longer efforts in a stomach-pleasing formula that won’t leave you in gastric distress as you push to your limit.

$40, BOX OF 10

When the founders of the company are world-class athletes, it’s worth having a look. Multiple Ironman champion Jesse Thomas and wife, Lauren Fleshman, a world-class runner, decided they needed a bar that both offered performance qualities along with great taste – the result is the Picky Bar. With a four-to-one carbohydrate- to-protein ration, each bar offers a whopping 200 calories along with much-needed electrolytes. These vegan bars are also gluten-, GMO-, dairy- and soy-free.

$30, BOX OF 12

Designed to keep you going for the long haul thanks to the lower glycemic response engineered through a unique blend of slow-release carbohydrates, the gluten-free Solo bars feature 10–13 g of protein and 3–4 g of fibre. Developed at GI Laboratories in Toronto, there are ten different flavours, so you’re sure to find the bar that works for you.