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Goggles specifically for triathletes – the Speedo MDR 2.4

MDR 2.4 Mirrored Goggles

Rated as one of the best goggles for triathletes, the MDR 2.4 offers comfort and clear vision. Using Speedo’s Goggle Optics fit, the MDR 2.4 adopts an outer eye fit that sits outside of your eye socket. For those that prefer the inner eye option look at the Speed Socket 2.0.

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If you prefer the outer eye fit, you’ll enjoy the MDR2.4s dual density TPR frame. This delivers flexibility and comfort with its liquid silicone seals and straps, all providing a very secure and comfortable fit. When in the market for some new goggles, make sure you try them on and test how they feel.

What I did notice, and appreciated in the MDR 2.4 was the Elastomeric technology. This technology helps reduce the pressure around your eyes, leaving you without any goggle rings after your swim set or race.

These goggles feature Speed Fit clips, allowing for easy strap adjustments. It took me some time to get used to these clips, but once I got the right setup, it made for easy changes.

Speed Fit Clips and Clearsight Technology

What I really liked about these goggles is the lack of vision distortion with the curved lenses. Featuring Clearsight technology, it splits the lens instead of bending it, thus reducing any vision distortion and minimizes eye fatigue. When testing the goggles this feature caught me off guard. Not only could I see correctly, but I also had full vision in my periphery.

The MDR 2.4s are Latex-free and feature lenses that are anti-fog and provide UV protection. Its mirrored lenses are essential when swimming outside because they cut the glare of the rising sun without affecting your vision.

Be sure to try on Speedo’s MDR 2.4 at your local retailers by visiting https://www.speedocanada.com/.