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Daniel Clarke: What I eat in a day

TMC vlogger and first year pro Daniel Clarke shares what he eats in a day and some of his favourite healthy recipes.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/ACpF8iqAbDQ”]

In this week’s video, Daniel Clarke shares his diet.

“This week I’m talking about what I eat,” he says. “I don’t follow any diets or trends.  I’m not vegan or LCHF, and I don’t eat paleo.  Instead I focus on a well balanced diet that includes a lot of vegetables that are a variety of colours, and I don’t sweat the details.  A couple staples of my diets are big kale salads, and sausage & peppers.  One of my favourite things to eat is almond butter, and I show you how I make that too.  Below are these recipes on my blog.”

Big Kale Salad: https://ifnotyouthenwho.ca/big-kale-salad/

Sausage & Peppers: https://ifnotyouthenwho.ca/sausage-and-peppers/

Almond Butter: https://ifnotyouthenwho.ca/almond-butter/