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Ironman Texas highlights video

Talbot Cox's highlight video of Ironman Texas

Ironman Texas

With all the controversy this past weekend, Ironman Texas has now recognized the world record times of Hanson and Hauschildt. Click here to find the Ironman press release and here to find a link to our story.

In the pro men’s division, Matt Hanson of the United States took the win in a time of 7:39:25. Ivan Tutukin (RUS) followed in 2nd, with Will Clarke (GB) in 3rd. In the pro female’s division, Melissa Hauschildt of Australia took the win in a time of 8:31:05. With Jodie Robertson (US) edging out Lesley Smith (US) for 2nd, following a tight finish.

Top Canadians Brent McMahon and Jen Annet both finished inside the top 10, with a 6th and 7th respectively. For McMahon this was his 5th time going under the 8-hour, finishing in 7:49:49. While Jen Annet set the fastest pro female bike split of the day with a time of 4:25:10.

Watch below Talbot Cox’s highlight video of Ironman Texas.