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Ironman decides to recognize all records at Ironman Texas

Despite a shortened course, Ironman will recognize the "world records" that were set at Sunday's Ironman Texas.

After the controversy over a shortened course at Ironman Texas on the weekend, Ironman has issued a press release saying that all records set on will stand as Ironman course and world records.

Here are the two statements issued by Ironman on Tuesday:

“As with all Ironman events, it is our mission to create an unparalleled, world-class athlete experience. Unfortunately, this past Saturday in Texas, we were faced with some extraordinary circumstances that forced us to make race day decisions in the interest of athlete safety.

  • The bike course utilized the Hardy Toll road and while doing the final course check on race morning with city and transportation officials, it was determined that the safest turnaround location was not true to the predicted course measurement. For the course to be the standard 112 miles, the turnaround location would have needed to be placed in an area which cut down the width of the course and included a low wall embankment, making that location unsafe. Ironman has already met with city officials to begin the process of finding additional mileage for next year’s event.
  • During the bike portion of the event, Ironman received multiple reports of erratic and unsafe driving behaviour of two-wheeled motor vehicles that were on course. In addition, there were reports of several unauthorized and uncredentialled scooters on course. While Ironman has a rigorous approval process allowing vehicles on the course for officiating, media coverage and race leaderboard spotting, our system was in this case compromised and the removal of all motos from the bike route was necessary to ensure athlete safety. Bike course access policies are being reviewed and changes will be implemented for future events.

These were necessary decisions for athlete safety. We nonetheless regret any inconvenience to our athletes.”


“After review by the Ironman Global Race Operations Committee, it has been determined that athletes who completed the three-discipline course prescribed at the Ironman North American Championship Texas triathlon will be recognized as eligible for world bests. Congratulations to all athletes who set world best times in both overall and individual discipline categories.”

This means Andrew Starykowicz’s 3:54:59 bike split will stand, as both a course best and a worldwide brand best, as well as Jen Annett’s 4:25:11, fastest ever at the Ironman distance for the women.