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Alice Alberts and Michael Weiss win Ironman Maryland

Canadians Melanie McQuaid and Jason Pohl take second

Photo by: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images for Ironman

After organizers had to shorten the swim at Ironman Maryland today due to “water conditions in the Choptank River caused by the wind and the tide in the region,” the 1,000 athletes in the race completed a 918 m swim before hitting the flat, fast bike and run courses. Austria’s Michael Weiss managed to pull clear Sam Long at about the halfway point of the marathon and cruise to the win, while American Alice Alberts came off the bike just a few seconds behind Australia’s Chloe Lane and Canadian Melanie McQuaid, and quickly ran away from the field.

Alberts pulls clear on the run

American Meredith Kessler finished the 918 m swim in front, with Lane on her toes. McQuaid was 26 seconds behind, followed by Alberts another 12 seconds back. Kessler, McQuaid and Lane were together through the halfway point of the ride, with Alberts just 37 seconds behind. Alberts moved up over the second half of the bike, posting the fastest women’s bike split to put her into T2 with the leaders.

Once out on the run there wasn’t any drama – Alberts’ 3:02 marathon (the second fastest of the day behind Lenny Ramsey) gave her a big win, with McQuaid taking second just weeks before she’ll be in Kona as the first pro to qualify for the world championship as a 50 year old. Lane would take third, with another Canadian, Danielle Fauteux finishing fourth.

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images for Ironman

Weiss runs to the win

The Austrian typically finds himself having to make up time after the swim, but thanks to the shorter first leg Weiss was able to move to the front of the race by about 40 km into the ride. He would hit T2 alongside Long, and the two would run side by side for about 14 km before Long would open up a bit of a gap. Shortly after the halfway point of the run, though, Weiss made his move and pulled away from the American, running a 2:39 marathon split to take the win. Canadian Jason Pohl would also run a 2:39 marathon to move past Long for second. Canadian Cody Beals would finish fourth.

Top five professional men’s race results:

1. Michael Weiss AUT 00:12:38 04:01:58 02:39:21 06:59:47
2. Jason Pohl CAN 00:12:54 04:06:16 02:39:21 07:03:37
3. Sam Long USA 00:12:16 04:02:06 02:44:38 07:05:07
4. Cody Beals CAN 00:11:56 04:11:26 02:45:05 07:12:59
5. Quentin De Vos BEL 00:13:04 04:09:12 02:47:34 07:15:05

Top five professional women’s race results:

1. Alice Alberts USA 00:13:25 04:35:25 03:02:43 07:56:40
2. Melanie McQuaid CAN 00:13:13 04:36:03 03:13:21 08:07:54
3. Chloe Lane AUS 00:12:48 04:36:26 03:18:02 08:12:04
4. Danielle Fauteux CAN 00:14:56 04:43:39 03:11:18 08:14:39
5. Meredith Kessler USA 00:12:46 04:40:39 03:18:08 08:16:56