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Workout Wednesday: Build your endurance

Challenge Roth

Lately we’ve brought you lots of swim workouts focused on building speed so this week’s Workout Wednesday focuses on the opposite. While it’s important to regularly practice sprints in the water as a triathlete, it’s equally as important to practice long sets. Be sure to get in the water and go long at least once a week. This set is a bit shorter than usual, but is designed to improve your swim at the half distance. You’ll notice it requires a pull buoy — the majority of your power should come from your arms in the triathlon swim and its important to build up this power over the duration of your training season. Set your own pace times for the pull sets based on your current ability. You should be working hard but able to hold that time across the set.


300 easy

Main set:

8 x 50 1:00 (decrease speed 1 – 4)

6 x 100 pull

6 x 200 pull

400 swim at race pace, focusing on not losing stroke power

Total: 2,900 m