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Lionel Sanders featured in Garneau’s new Live Your Dream campaign


liveyourdream_lionelsanders_1Earlier this week Garneau launched a new campaign featuring cyclists and triathletes of all levels whose passion to ride has fueled various accomplishments. Throughout the year, the campaign will highlight the nine athletes’ stories though various media channels including print and social media. Lionel Sanders, who can be spotted on the race course riding his bright green Garneau Gennix TR1, is one of the nine athletes featured in the campaign. The group also include a child who rode his bike year round to school, a novice rider training for a long-distance ride, and a pro cyclist with Olympic dreams.

This is the brand’s largest campaign in over 10 years.

“These are real people telling their own stories,” explains Eric Sakalowsky, Garneau’s Global Marketing Director. “Everybody is unique, with his and her own dreams, and we hope to engage with riders at that level. We are about the people riding our products and we hope their stories and dreams will encourage others to ride more and with more passion.”

The Live Your Dream message can be found across the brand’s numerous social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Garneau will enhance the message with a redesigned website for better consumer experience and an ambassador program with over 30 North American athletes.

Garneau also sponsors the Montreal-based Team Merrell, with notable Canadian athletes Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches and Pierre-Yves Gigou.