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Last Minute Stocking Stuffer: TriSwim Shot Set travel bag


Looking for a last minute stocking stuffer for a triathlete this Christmas? Why not add the TriSwim Aqua Therapy Chlorine-Out Hair and Skin Care travel set. Complete with travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion, this set has the four main products that TriSwim carries for body and hair care. Those heading to work or school after a morning swim session will appreciate not having to carry around bulky products for the day. Triathletes spend time in the pool year-round and it takes a toll on hair and skin. Products that are specifically geared towards swimmers are the only way to prevent colour damage and extra dryness from the pool. TriSwim products effectively removes chlorine, bromine and other harsh chemicals from pool water. Not only do the products neutralize the distinct chlorine odor, they also hydrate and nourish with ingredients like Vitamins A and E and Organic Aloe Vera. Triathletes can expect their hair and skin to feel soft, clean and healthy from the high-end quality and will love the compact size of the travel set, taking up little room in a swim bag. The products are carry-on friendly for those who travel by plane frequently and want something easy to pack in their travel bag. $23