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What is the STAC Virtual Wind Tunnel?

In the first of two videos, Daniel Clarke explains what the VWT is, and the testing procedure.

— by Daniel Clarke

The STAC Performance Virtual Wind Tunnel (VWT) makes it affordable for any triathlete to get reliable CdA data that you would typically have to spend thousands of dollars at a wind tunnel to get. This is part 1 of 2 on the STAC VWT. In this video, I explain what the VWT is, and the testing procedure. In my next video, I’ll follow up with my experience with the VWT and walk you through some of my results.

If you’re interested in VWT testing, you can get more information on the STAC website: https://www.staczero.com/vwt/

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STAC is regularly adding more testing centres, so send them an email if you don’t notice anything local. Additionally, if you have a club, group, or camp that all want to get tested, reach out STAC by email to set something up – scanning@staczero.com

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