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SWANS Ascender, triathlon-specific goggles

With a wide view, the SWANS Ascender makes for a great triathlon-specific goggle. Comparable to the Speedo MDR 2.4, the Ascender adopts an outer eye fit with comfortable pads around the eyes.

The mirrored lenses ofter lots of UV protection for when you’re racing in the open waters of a lake, river or ocean. Having spent most of the testing period in the pool, the SWANS Ascender goggles deliver an exceptionally clear picture. With the tinted lenses, these goggles help cut down on the glare of pool lights and the sun when outside.

With most goggles, after a few swims, I find I have to take the time between sets to clear my lenses. Having now used the Ascenders for the past month, I’m impressed with how resistant they are to fogging. With wear and tear, the anti-fog coating in any pair of goggles will diminish, but it’s encouraging to be so confident in your equipment after it has been tried and tested.

Besides the optical performance of the SWANS Ascender, these goggles are incredibly comfortable. In comparison to an inner eye fit, I found the outer eye fit helped reduce the pressure on my eyes. With an easily adjustable double strap, I was also able to get a good secure fit between my goggles and head.

The SWANS Ascender is sold online for $60.00 CAN.