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Daniel Clarke | First impressions of FulGaz

How does the new cycling application FulGaz compare to platforms like Zwift?

A look at FulGaz, the new cycling program Triathlon Canada is using for its Virtual Race series.

by Daniel Clarke

Many triathletes are unfamiliar with the FulGaz riding platform that is being used by Triathlon Canada for its Virtual Race Series. FulGaz is an indoor training app that “provides cycling enthusiasts the opportunity to ride some of the most iconic roads in the world from the comfort of your home in stunning high-quality video imaging. It works with just about any indoor smart trainer, and adjusts video speed and resistance to match your effort.”

But how does it compare to platforms we’re more familiar with, like Zwift? Daniel Clarke has this review of the platform for Triathlon Magzine Canada.

Editor’s note: FulGaz provided a comment (see below) with more details on the competitive component of the FulGaz program:

Hey Daniel, while you are right we do offer granular control over things like cdA, rolling resistance, bike weight, slope scaling etc for general riding (so people like you can accurately mimic their real world setup on real world courses) it’s really REALLY important to note that for racing, we take much of that away. We lock settings to prescribed numbers (and cda is indexed by weight) and other user variable numbers are locked out (we wont say what- but you can guess the critical ones!) so it is not possible to turn your bike into a slippery rocket ship with a 40kg jockey aboard. Occasionally we see anomalies in results, and we remove those or check the .fit file for issues and find that 90%+ are not deliberate cheating.