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Jan Frodeno wins the 2018 70.3 World Championship

Frodeno continues his dominance ahead of Kona

Photo Courtesy to IRONMAN race blog – Shawn Skene

On, Sunday, September 2nd, while most of Canada was fast asleep, Jan Frodeno won the 2018 Isuzu IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in South Africa. Already a two-time Ironman World champion (2015 & 2016), Frodeno has become a two-time Ironman 70.3 world champion with the win today.

Last year in Kona, Frodeno limped to the finish as Patrick Lange and Lionel Sanders duked it out for the title. This year, He has made it his mission to take down all the top triathletes on the biggest stage. In Oceanside, he took down Sanders. Then in Frankfurt, he beat Lange. And at the 70.3 world championships, he beats one of the most impressive start lists in recent history.

It was a close battle all the way through. Alistair Brownlee finished second, just a minute and 10 seconds behind the German. Next was defending 2017 70.3 world champion, Javier Gomez who was just 45-seconds behind Brownlee.

All three podium finishers ran a sub 1:10 half marathon off the bike. That’s sub 3:30/km for 21.1K, following a 90K bike that wasn’t slow. Needless to say the IRONMAN world championships in Kona this year is going to be entertaining.

Top 10 Finishers 

1 Jan FRODENO (#3) 03:36:30 Germany 
2 Alistair BROWNLEE (#26) 03:37:41 +01:10 United Kingdom 
3 Javier GOMEZ NOYA (#1) 03:38:26 +01:55 Spain 
4 Ben KANUTE (#7) 03:42:43 +06:12 United States
5 Pieter HEEMERYCK (#16) 03:43:05 +06:34 Belgium
6 Sam APPLETON (#2) 03:43:57 +07:26 Australia
7 Adam BOWDEN (#22) 03:48:16 +11:46 United Kingdom
8 Braden CURRIE (#11) 03:49:16 +12:46 New Zealand
9 Michael WEISS (#6) 03:50:38 +14:07 Austria
10 Rodolphe VON BERG (#4) 03:51:35 +15:04 United States

Photo Courtesy to IRONMAN race blog – Shawn Skene