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Angela Naeth says cannabinoid oil helps her manage Lyme Disease symptoms

As of May 17th, Angela Naeth is the first professional athlete to publicly endorse and be sponsored by VID-CBD.

In November 2017, Angela Naeth began to experience unusual sensations following races and training. “After Ironman 70.3 Bahrain, my quads were unbelievably sore. It didn’t make sense,” says Naeth. With symptoms resembling that of fatigue after a long season, Naeth transitioned into the off-season and began preparing for 2018.

Then in April 2018, things got worse for Naeth. “After one of my early season races, I couldn’t walk. In the airport, I needed assistance to move around the area.” This incident is what tipped off Naeth to get the issue figured out. After a few weeks of tests, a friend recommended she see a Lyme’s Literate Doctor (LLD). Later in April, a DNA test revealed that Naeth did carry Lyme and two bacterial infections (Babesia and Bartonella) that attack the neuromuscular system. “From then on it was a steady dose of antibiotics and medications to boost my immune system,” says Naeth.

Angela Naeth at the 2018 Ironman World Championship. After barely being able to walk, Naeth finished eighth. Photo: Red Bull Content Pool

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While undergoing treatment, the LLD suggested that she supplement her treatment with cannabinoid (CBD) oil. Extracted from the marijuana plant, CBD oil has been proven to have profound therapeutic effects. To find the best possible option, Naeth contacted Robert Mussen, CEO of Colorado-based High Plateau Pharmaceuticals, which markets VID-CBD (cannabinoid oil). The derived hemp product was deemed legal for public sale in the United States last year by the Department of Agriculture.

Shortly after finding VID-CBD, Naeth began taking daily doses in conjunction with an aggressive antibiotic regimen. Such an intense treatment regimen was very harsh on her body, but daily use of VID-CBD helped to reduce the negative impacts of the disease. Lyme’s Disease is contracted through a tick’s bite and is often underreported. The infection can be commonly misdiagnosed with symptoms mimicking other ailments, such as fatigue, joint pain, sleep disturbance, and the flu.

Forced to postpone racing due to a flare-up of symptoms, Angela Naeth made her season debut at Ironman 70.3 Gulf Coast. Photo: @higgybabyphotography

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As of May 17th, Naeth is the first professional athlete to publicly endorse and be sponsored by VID-CBD. “I am 100% behind it,” Naeth said of VID-CBD. “I sleep better, have more energy and I am recovering from my workouts so much better. My anxiety levels have decreased significantly, and I generally just feel so much better.”

“I think that VID-CBD is a great natural avenue for people suffering from Lyme Disease, or any inflammatory illness, without having to pump chemicals into their bodies,” says Naeth. “I would love to get the word out to as many people as I can on how much it helped, and continues to help me.”

Angela Naeth on the run at Ironman 70.3 Gulf Coast. Photo: @higgybabyphotography

Following her initial diagnosis, Naeth finished eighth at the Ironman World Championship. Forced to postpone her 2019 race season due to a flare-up of symptoms, Naeth returned to racing with a seventh-place finish at Ironman 70.3 Gulf Coast. She then followed it up with a sixth-place finish at Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga.