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Things I learned about Ironman Hawaii

Leave some extra space for swag The Kona swag is amazing. Every company comes loaded special edition Kona T-shirts, hats […]

Six Small Things Fixes to Avoid Big Problems

When your competitions last for hours, small problems can become big ones over the course of a race. These six tips […]

Five Ways to Boost Your Motivation

Sometimes you get to the end of the triathlon season and can’t wait for the early season pool swim races […]

Finding your Rocket Fuel

If you have raced a triathlon before then you know it’s isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. You’re going to go through […]

The Hometown Race

Racing in your hometown is always special. You don’t have to deal with travelling with your bike, you get to […]

How to get over a bad race

When you dream big, you are guaranteed to fall short every once in a while. Bad races happen to everyone. […]

Jeff Symonds on Racing in the Rain

With Ironman Canada right around the corner, people have been obsessively checking the forecast in Whistler. If you haven’t been […]

Jeff Symond’s go-to cookies

If you’ve ever spent any amount of time around me, you know that I am a bread/carbohydrate aficionado. When working […]

Modifications the pros make

If you’ve ever been at a race and taken a good look at some of the professional bikes that are […]

How To Get Yourself Out Of A Tri Slump

Slump. It’s a dirty word and happens to every athlete regardless of what sport you’re in. When you’re in a […]