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How To Get Yourself Out Of A Tri Slump

ThinkstockPhotos-181798149Slump. It’s a dirty word and happens to every athlete regardless of what sport you’re in. When you’re in a slump nothing seems to go your way. You are working at 100 per cent but the results just aren’t there. Worst yet, your confidence is down and you start to feel that the slump is beyond your control. I have been there. This is how you get yourself out of it.

Focus on the things you can control. Focus on the areas away from the sport that set you up to be optimally recovered and have great energy and workouts.

Focus on sleeping well. Try and get seven to nine hours of sleep per night. This might be hard for some of you parents or nine to five workers out there so if you can’t get the hours, try to get the quality sleep in – i.e. don’t be inhaling a bowel of cereal as you check twitter while you are walking to the bedroom at 11 o’clock at night (apparently I’ve been known to do this from time to time…)

Focus on eating well, eating as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can and making sure you are getting carbohydrates within 30 minutes after exercising. Use this time to make up individual snacks and meals that you can freeze for quick access once things start rolling again. I like to try out anything from The Feed Zone Portables.

Focus on your body. This is the optimal time in your training to take off for a massage or yoga class if you are into those kinds of things. For me, I like to just grab a couple of lacrosse balls, my foam roller, put on some Dierks Bentley and I immediately feel like I’m at the man spa.

Focus on learning. Take time to read articles or books on the sport to enhance your knowledge in areas such as nutrition, mental training or equipment. See my favourite books to read here:

Make goals for yourself around these areas. Things like “I want to get eight hours of sleep at least three to four nights this week”, or “I want to eat a salad everyday.” By achieving these goals you will be building the confidence you need to get out of your slump and back into the training routine!

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