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Top 10 quinoa recipes

There’s no doubt about it, quinoa is a superfood and should be a part of every health-conscious runner’s diet. It is one of the few foods that is considered a ‘complete protein,’ which means it contains all essential amino acids. It’s also naturally gluten-free and low GI. We’ve rounded up our favourite quinoa recipes for any time of day.

1) Quinoa blueberry banana breakfast muffinsquinoa blueberry muffin

These muffins are gluten-free, dairy-free and naturally sweetened. Coming in with a calorie count of approximately 144 calories each, you can’t do much better for a muffin.

2) Quinoa salad with dried apricots and baby spinach

The best thing about quinoa salad is its versatility; it’s good as a side, a main and keeps well for a tasty lunch the next day. This recipe’s iron laden spinach is more easily absorbed with the help of its cherry tomatoes and lemon dressing.

quinoa crusted chicken3) Quinoa-crusted chicken

Looking for a healthier take on the chicken-nugget? Look no further. Baking your chicken in a quinoa crust adds extra protein and aminos, not extra sodium and fat like chain-restaurant nuggets.

4) Turkey and quinoa stuffed peppers

This is truly a superfood meal with lean turkey, red pepper, quinoa, roasted pumpkin seeds and avocado sauce. If you’re having a dinner party with fellow runner attendees, they’ll be sure to appreciate this hearty and healthy meal.

quinoatmeal5) Quinoatmeal with apple and toasted walnuts

Quinoa doesn’t have to be restricted to lunch and dinner. Upgrade your morning oatmeal by making ‘quinoatmeal’ for an extra boost of vegetarian protein. With an apple for fibre and walnuts for a dose of healthy fat, this is a breakfast to fuel a busy day.

6) Coconut quinoa

This recipe is a tropical take on the whole-grain superfood. Made with coconut oil (which is having a moment as an alternative for cooking with) and coconut milk.

quinoa casserole7) Slow-cooker quinoa summer squash casserole

For the runner with a busy schedule, this low-maintenance and low-calorie recipe (only 111 calories per serving) is the perfect option.

8) Baked, stuffed avocados with quinoa, tomato and feta

You hear a lot about stuffed peppers, but stuffed avocados have been wrongfully neglected in the recipe world. Often avoided by dieters due to their higher calorie count, avocado is a great healthier option for replenishing calories during higher mileage training periods.

Quinoa-Lentil-Burger19) Quinoa lentil burger

If you’re a vegetarian (or you’re having a vegetarian over for a BBQ), these quinoa lentil burgers are a fantastic meatless option that is packed with protein and fibre.

Quinoa-Almond-Joy-Bars10) Quinoa almond joy bars

That’s right, quinoa has infiltrated the dessert world, making it just a bit healthier. These bars are made with whole almonds, dates for natural sweetness and grated coconut. Nothing artificial about this all-natural sweet.