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10 sure signs you’re a seriously dedicated triathlete

Do you make the cut? Or are you, well, just somewhat serious about the sport?

Lucky Iron Fish: The most innovative way to get your iron levels up

Lucky Iron Fish is exactly what it sounds like: A fish made of iron. Add it to a pot of boiling water as you cook as a way to up your iron intake.

The snack: Healthy summer slaw recipes

Coleslaw. It’s a summer barbecue pot luck staple but oftentimes, this creamy side isn’t your healthiest option for getting the […]

How humidity affects your run

Any triathlete knows running in the heat is one thing, but running in high humidity is a whole other challenge. Around […]

Study suggests dark chocolate could enhance performance

Triathlete chocoholics rejoice. A study published by researchers at London’s Kingston University in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition has […]

The snack: Veggies stacks

Surprisingly simple yet incredibly gourmet looking, vegetable stacks are one of those dishes that never fail to impress. If you’re […]

Healthy snack: Lightened-up dip recipes

 Get more veggies into the diet by mastering a few basic dips that are actually good for your body. We […]

Ingredient spotlight: Lentils

Lentils score tons of points for being a healthy additive to meals plus, they are super versatile– you’re bound to […]

Increase nutrient absorption with these 10 tips

A healthy diet is vital to training and overall wellness. As triathletes, we like to make the most out of […]

The smart triathlete’s guide to eating out

Got dinner plans this weekend? Do your research ahead of time to make smarter choices.  So you’re training for a […]