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Paula Findlay Second at PATCO Premium Cup in Kelowna

Paula Findlay has begun her comeback with a 2nd place finish at the Elite Sprint PATCO Premium Cup Race in Kelowna, B.C. on Sunday.

This was Findlay’s first race since being off with a stress fracture. The 25-year-old was the only Canadian on the podium in silver in a time of 59:52.

“I’m just so happy to return to racing and be able to finish the race,” she said. “I’m trying to work my way back up there. I know I have a lot of work to do. It just feels so good to be racing again. This (Kelowna) is my favourite place to race so I’m happy I was able to return here,” she continued.

Findlay executed her race plan perfectly.

“Coming into the race I knew I had to stick with Katie (Hursey). She is one of the strongest cyclists in the sport and I knew if I stuck with her it would be a good place to be,” said Findlay. “We opened a huge gap off the bike because we worked really well together. We were relentless. We were rotating and surging and motivated and it was a great bike.”

Findlay led the field out of the second transition but Hursey, of the US caught her at the first kilometre winning in a time of 59:36.

“I was really happy to have Paula there with me all day,” said Hursey. “We were extremely motivated and worked so well together. I love this course. I think it plays into my strength and it is very hard.”

Erin Dolan, also of the US was third in 1:01:22.

In the men’s race, Tommy Zafares, of the US took the win in 54:24 and Australians Calvin Quirk and Daniel Coleman took silver in 55:00 and bronze in 55:08. Victoria’s Andrew McCartney was in the mix until the run but finished a strong fifth in 55:17.

Distance (750-metre swim, 20 kilometre bike, 5 kilometre run):
Top-Five Women’s Results:
1. Katie Hursey, USA, 59:36; 2. Paula Findlay, Edmonton, CAN, 59:52; 3. Erin Dolan, USA, 1:01:22; 4. Summer Cook, USA, 1:01:35; 5. Alison Hooper, Victoria, CAN, 1:01:45.

Top-Five Men’s Results:
1. Tommy Zafares, USA, 54:24; 2. Calvin Quirk, AUS, 55:00; 3. Daniel Coleman, AUS, 55:08; 4. Eric Langerstrom, USA, 55:15; 5. Andrew McCartney, Victoria, CAN, 55:17