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Pan Am hopeful Kyle Jones joins #teamnineteenfor 2015

Kyle  Jones
Kyle Jones

Just in time for the 2015 Pan Am Games, Nineteen has announced that Kyle Jones has joined #teamnineteenfor2015. A long standing National Team member, Jones has competed at the Olympics (London), Commonwealth Games (Scotland) and is a two-time fourth place finisher at previous Pan Am Competitions; 2007 (Rio de Janeiro) and 2011 (Guadalajara). Jones will join fellow Canadian Team Nineteen athletes Andrew Yorke, Tyler Mislawchuk, Ellen Pennock and Joanna Brown as they aim for the podium on our backyard course. They will all be looking to tear up the swim course wearing the Nineteen Rogue.

The Canadian company has over 60 athletes on the #teamnineteenfor2015 including Lionel Sanders, Cody Beals and Taylor Reid in addition to the Pan Am Crew.