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Perfecting the P2: Cervélo Launches an Upgrade


The new Cervelo P2
The new Cervelo P2


Like many triathletes the classic P2 was my very first tri bike and it got me hooked on the sport.  For seven years it’s been the most popular triathlon bike, taking the Kona count by a comfortable margin. Then, of course, there’s Chrissy Wellington’s two Ironman World Championship wins on the bike. Yet somehow Cervélo has managed to create an even better successor.

At $2,800 the new P2 (speced with Shimano 105) makes industry excellence accessible. With increased rider fit, more streamlined aerodynamics and increased stiffness, the new P2 is set to challenge rides well beyond its price point.

P2 fork

It shares many of the features of the P3, but also of the P5. With the same frame (minus the fork) as the P3, the new P2 is both stiffer (by 16.4 per cent in the head tube and 6.5 per cent in the bottom bracket) and faster than the classic version, without additional weight.

P2 seat post

As with the P5, the new P2 features a wind-cheating Dropped Down Tube, which improves airflow by reducing the gap between the frame and front wheel. It also has an Extended Seat Tube Cutout minimizing the gap between the wheel and seat, as well as Shielding Seat Stays to protect the rear brake caliper from the wind.

The updates have broadened the already wide fit range and have maximized rider convenience. Two new sizes are available including a 45 with (650c wheels) and 48 (700c wheels). An adjustable seat post, a 1-1/8” Head Tube/Steerer and Profile Design bar and stem make it easy to find that perfect position.




Cervélo built the P2 to accommodate non-proprietary add-ons so riders can easily upgrade with aftermarket products.

Sheidling Seat Stays

With the P5 and P3 Cervélo has been prioritizing a broader range of storage options for a few years. The P2 follows suit with the fuel requirements of triathletes in mind for easier access and drag reducing positioning. The shaped down tube and seat tube, for example, incorporate bottles directly into the airfoil section.

P2 shot stem

Future-Proof Cable Management is one of the ways Cervélo proves they have triathletes’ interest at heart, knowing that as their performance increases so do their equipment requirements. The new P2 is fully compatible with mechanical, hydraulic or electronic components and features direct-mount tube battery bosses for upgrading options and longevity. The Aero Cable Management also makes for a cleaner, better shifting bike by minimizing unnecessary bends and reducing cable friction.




The New P2 will be available as of today. You’ll love what you see.  Visit your local authorized Cervélo retailer for details. www.cervelo.com