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Form adds guided workouts feature to its heads-up display goggles

Easy to follow workouts appear in display in the goggles

Photo by: Form

When we first reviewed the Form goggles with their augmented reality display, we suggested that while the goggles were helpful in a pool, where they would really shine would be in open water. Not long after that the company expanded the goggles capabilities to work with certain GPS watches to provide real-time data in open water, a game-changing experience for those who found themselves doing all their swim training in open water during the pandemic.

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Now Form has launched another interesting innovation for Form’s Smart Swim Goggles – guided workouts. This feature will guide swimmers through workouts in real time using the heads-up display.

Before we get too far along on the workout front, let’s first take a look at the actual Form Smart Swim Goggles – if you’re going to spend $260 on a pair of goggles, they had better be pretty good, right? There’s no problems on that front. The Form goggles are extremely comfortable and come with five different nose bridges ensuring you can get a comfortable fit and also enabling you to set the heads-up display in either eye. The double silicone strap is very easy to adjust to ensure you get a comfortable fit. The contoured silicone eye seals are extremely comfortable, too, and you don’t have to crank them onto your face to keep the water out. Add in the permanent anti-fog coating and you won’t have any issues even during your longest workouts. Waterproof to 32 feet, the goggles come with an excellent ventilated carrying case that will keep them protected in your swim bag, too.


OK, let’s talk about the new workout feature. Using the Form Swim App, you select a workout based on your ability and the type of set you’re looking for and upload it to the goggles. Each workout has a explanation of the sets, strokes and intensities, and there are even tutorials to explain the various drills within the sets, too. You can download up to five workouts to the goggles at a time, and once you get started the display helps you work through the set, while providing real-time swim data like distance, speed, time and heart rate (if you’re using the Polar OH1+ heart rate sensor) so you can really get the most out of the set.

For triathletes who come from a competitive swimming background, the Form goggles aren’t likely to be a go-to item for pool training. Those swimmers are used to navigating a pace clock at the pool and likely have a number of regular sets they do either by themselves or with a group. For those type of athletes, keeping track of their times and efforts is a piece of cake without a heads-up display.

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Those who come to swimming later, though, often struggle with the swim/ timing/ intensity process. Many keep wishing there was some easier way to keep track of their splits, pacing and heart rate – something similar to what they can do with their GPS watch while running, or on their bike computer. That’s where the Form Smart Swim Goggles come in, and now Form has taken things to the next level by offering those swimmers workouts they can easily follow. Using the Form app on your phone you can easily pick the type of workout your after based on your ability, distance and other metrics. Once the workout is done it can be synced to the Form app so athletes can keep track of their progress, too.

Form has already created an extensive library of workouts and will add new workouts every week, ensuring that there will always be some variety to the program. Form Workouts membership is available through the Form swim app and are available starting at $12.50/ month. That’s a lot less than you’ll pay to join a masters swim program.

While we’ve had a bit of time to play with the goggles and the app, we’re working on a more detailed review in the coming weeks – stay tuned!