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10 great dips for your lunch break snack

Get more veggies into the diet by mastering a few basic dips that are actually good for your body.

— by Caela Fenton

We all know that we should try to incorporate as many veggies as we can into our daily diets, but celery sticks on their own can be hard to swallow… both literally and figuratively.

Keep your veggie game strong by pairing them with these healthy dips, made from scratch without preservatives or extra sodium. You’ll be amazed how fast those celery sticks disappear.

Check ’em out, choose your favourite.

Veggie loaded seven layer dip

Seven layer dip is the king of all dips. It rules summertime BBQs, a Netflix night in, game-day get-togethers and more. It is also notoriously caloric. This one (from Little Broken) though is the healthy veggie version of the classic.

Greek yogurt ranch dip

It is not breaking news that ranch dip isn’t good for the waistline. We know that. It does, undeniably, make chowing down on veggies a lot more tasty though. This recipe (by Cooking Classy, pictured below) makes for a sweet compromise, subbing out most of the mayo for Greek yogurt, without sacrificing taste.

Gameday green goddess veggie dip

This dip was designed specifically with ta post-race party buffet in mind. It offers a lighter option (only 16 calories per tablespoon) for events or get togethers that typically involve overindulging.

White bean dip with avocado

This recipe is bringing the vegan protein back to the dip scene. Cannellini beans are the primary ingredient in this recipe, making it not only vegan, but also inexpensive. You can adjust the amount of jalapeño you include depending on you ‘heat’ preferences (or tolerance).

Broccoli pesto dip

When a recipe’s cook time and prep time together add up to six minutes, you know the time is right for last minute plans. When you taste a scoopful of this cheesy goodness, you’ll totally forget that the main ingredient is that veggie that nobody really loves… See the image beside in case you’re not already convinced.

(Photo by A Healthy Life for Me.)

Skinny peanut butter dip

If you’re that person who likes to occasionally take a spoon to your peanut butter jar, this is the dip for you. By mixing the peanut butter with nonfat Greek yogurt, you can afford to indulge in just more than one scoopful. Plus, with dark chocolate chips on top, what’s not to love?

Creamy spinach dip

This dip is gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. Avocado meets spinach meets coconut yogurt meets avocado oil = yum.

Cinnamon yogurt dip

This super easy dip recipe is incredibly versatile–it works for veggies and crackers…but it is truly a match made in heaven for sweet potato fries.

Fresh corn salsa

Expand your salsa scope with this fresh corn salsa. Every time you dip a chip, you’ll be getting a scoop of fresh vegetables, which is way better than anything that comes out of a jar.

Roasted Butternut Squash Hummus

It’s surprising to find out how easy it is to make your own hummus (you’ll be all the more motivated to do so once you realize all the money you’ve been spending on it at the grocery store)! The roasted butternut squash makes for a fun twist on your typical hummus recipe, adding extra fibre and vitamin C.

We love this recipe from The Healthy Maven. It looks good enough to serve the group once you’ve completed your Sunday long run (photo by The Healthy Maven).