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Who made the most triathlon prize money in 2023?

Four of the top-five prize money winners in triathlon last year were women!

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

Long-distance racers dominated the prize money lists in 2023, according to the detailed analysis by Trirating.com’s Thorsten Radde. While two of the top-five money earners from the year did compete in short-course races, the lion’s share of their income came from Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) and Ironman races. Here’s a breakdown of the top money earners from the year. (All figures US$)


According to Radde there were 29 athletes who earned more than $100,000 in prize money in 2023, down from 33 last year. A total of 818 athletes earned prize money last year, up from 762 in 2022.

Anne Haug takes second at the Ironman World Championship in Kona. Photo: Kevin Mackinnon

Anne Haug (GER) topped the overall prize money list last year ($335,788) thanks to a few big wins, including the PTO European Open in Ibiza, but also thanks to three huge runner-up finishes at Challenge Roth, the PTO Asian Open and in Kona. In terms of breaking down the source of her income, $250,000 came from the PTO, $68,000 from Ironman ($65,000 from Kona, $3,000 from her win at Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote) and $17,788 from her win at Challenge Gran Canaria and that runner-up finish at Challenge Roth.

Kristian Blummenfelt (NOR) finished second overall in the prize money list with $325,775. None of that came from Ironman, with $285,000 being earned through the PTO, $25,775 from World Triathlon racing and $15,000 from Super League events.

Ashleigh Gentle (AUS) was third overall in the standings, just behind Blummenfelt, with $323,821. $18,750 of that came from 70.3 racing, $290,000 from PTO events and $15,071 from “other” races, no-doubt including her 10th win in Noosa.

Taylor Knibb (USA) was another athlete who competed in draft-legal short course races last year, but the 70.3 world champ and fourth-place finisher in Kona ended up fourth in the standings ($281,700) thanks to her $77,500 earned at Ironman and 70.3 races along with her $180,000 pay check from the PTO. ($19,200 of her race income came from World Triathlon.)

Lucy Charles-Barclay (GBR) rounded out the top five with $246,750. $127,750 came from her win in Kona ($125,000) and her runner-up finish at Ironman 70.3 Kraichgau (2,750) and $119,000 from PTO.

All four of the women who ended up in the top-10 of the overall prize-money standings ended up in the top-five – numbers six through 10 were all men.The rest of the top-10 earners included:

  • Magnus Ditlev (DEN) $202,953
  • Jan Frodeno (GER) $196,500
  • Jason West (USA) $190,500
  • Hayden Wilde (NZL) $190,338
  • Leo Bergere (FRA)$181,600

PTO racing

Ashleigh Gentle has won 1/4 of the Noosa Triathlon races. Photo: Kevin Mackinnon

The top five PTO earners included:

  • Ashleigh Gentle – $290,000
  • Kristian Blummenfelt – $285,000
  • Anne Haug – $250,000
  • Jan Frodeno – $185,000
  • Taylor Knibb – $180,000

Ironman races

Sam Laidlow wins the Ironman World Championship Nice. Photo: Kevin Mackinnon

The $125,000 winners cheques for the Ironman World Championship was enough to put Lucy Charles-Barclay and Sam Laidlow (FRA) at the top of the Ironman prize money list.

  • Lucy Charles-Barclay – $127,750
  • Sam Laidlow – $125,000
  • Laura Philipp (GER) – $94,500
  • Taylor Knibb – $82,500
  • Patrick Lange (GER) – $71,250

Challenge Family

Athlete loses race as he stumbles less than a metre from the line

The winners of the Challenge Family World Bonus topped the prize money list for the Challenge events this year.

  • Mathis Margierier (FRA) – $53,246
  • Magda Nieuwoudt (RSA) – $44,583
  • Imogen Simmonds (SUI) – $32,684
  • Caleb Noble (AUS) – $32,046
  • Thomas Bishop (GBR) – $31,122

World Triathlon and Super League

Hayden Wilde wins WTCS Hamburg. Photo: World Triathlon

The top money winners in short course racing excelled at both the World Triathlon events and Super League Triathlon races.

  • Hayden Wilde – $99,500/ $76,000 – $175,500
  • Leo Bergere (FRA) – $69,100/ $105,000 – $174,100
  • Beth Potter (GBR) – $159,600/ $13,000 – $172,600
  • Cassandre Beaugrand (FRA) – $108,900/ $55,000 – $163,900
  • Kate Waugh (GBR) – $42,500/ $93,000 – $135,500

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