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Welsh TV star Matthew Pritchard breaks world record for most consecutive half distance triathlons

Matthew Pritchard, a Welsh TV star and professional skateboarder, has broken the record for most consecutive half distance triathlons completed. Pritchard has been attempting to raise £100,000 for charities through completing a half distance every day in the month of March.

On his blog, Pritchard says he has been an athlete for years and has completed several long distance endurance events.

“Over the years I’ve slowly worked my way up to this point in my life… so I have plenty of experience and to top it off its something I get a huge kick out of and enjoy a great deal. The feeling of achievement when taking part in such a task is unreal considering the hours, days, months, years of training that is put in and built up to the main event.”

Pritchard says he was also inspired by the Iron Cowboy.

The previous record for most consecutive half distances was 22. Having started on the first of the month, Pritchard has now completed 23 consecutive half distances and feels good to stay on track for his goal of 30 in 30 days.


Pritchard completes all his swims in a local pool and rides and runs outdoors. He has so far raised over £10,000 for his selected charities.