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Angela Naeth’s tips to get in the right mindset for the 2017 season

One of Canada’s top pros, Angela Naeth, is all too familiar with how hard it is to stay motivated through the winter. Today she offers some tips on how to get moving in 2017.

For most of us in Canada during the winter, snow is everywhere. It’s hard to get motivated for the upcoming race season in such tough conditions. The days are short, the temperatures are low and motivation can sometimes be tough to find even when our New Year’s resolutions are posted on the fridge! Until your world thaws and the temperatures rise back up,  here are a few ways to get into a the triathlon mindset for the upcoming season.

Darts in Calendar

Set a date

Nothing is more motivating than having a race set in stone. If you haven’t done so already, take some time to look at your overall race schedule for the year and consider some possible local five and 10 km running events. Building momentum over the course of the season helps us reach our biggest goals. Small races are a great way to test your early season fitness and progress to the mid-season races of summer.

Get creative

If you’re using a trainer for riding indoors, try some new workouts to ignite the fire. Instead of just spinning, challenge yourself with one minute all-out intervals followed by one minute of easy spinning. Do ten of these and I promise, you’ll feel energized and inspired. Try getting into some cross-training with snow-shoeing, skiing, or indoor cycling classes. Anything that can take you out of the normal swim/bike/run routine is a fun way to mix it up for the next couple of months.

Take a weekend in the sunThinkstockPhotos-478288427

There are many triathlon camps to choose from over the winter. These take place where warmth is prominent, such as southern states like Florida and Arizona. Search for a weekend that fits your schedule and see if you can hit one up. Check out this one in my neck of the woods.

Find a coach

Having someone to help you achieve your triathlon goals is the key to a solid season. Not only will they keep you accountable, they will help you find balance, restore energy to your workouts and help you gain that momentum needed to thrive in your next triathlon.

451685631Engage others

Nothing is more motivating than doing something active with another person. Not only will they inspire you to get out there but you’ll be helping them as well. Join a new class or set a date for running together each week. Having a partner in crime keeps you accountable to your training.

Reassess and focus

I like to take this time to reflect on how the season went and what changes I want to make. When I look at what I’ve learned in the past year and what I can improve on, it’s easy to find motivation. What do you want to achieve this year? Setting yourself up with some specific goals helps you find that spark!

And if all else fails, remember the days of winter are numbered. Work hard over the winter and remember to visualize yourself as the fittest you can be come springtime. This will help you achieve your goals this year.