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Tips for running in the heat

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Summer is well on its way for most parts of Canada (B.C. athletes are already loving 30 C weather). The late-May warm-up means forecasts are only going to get hotter. It’s going to be a sweaty few months, here are things triathletes should do to prepare for their runs:

Invest in a hat.

This is pretty straight forward. Get a hat to keep the sun off your head and protect your face from burning. There are plenty of running hats with lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric so you don’t have to worry about your head getting uncomfortably sweaty.

Don’t even think about leaving without sunscreen.

Which one works best for you is going to take some trial and error. Waterproof sunscreen designed for sport is a good place to start. Because runners spend so much time outside, they need to protect their skin from sun damage. That also goes for morning runners!

Get proper eye protection.

Protecting your eyes from strong sun rays is a standard safety rule. Runners want to look for something with a light frame that has a secure fit so the glasses don’t bounce annoyingly through the whole run.

Hydrate before and after.

This is essential. While you probably don’t want to chug a tall glass of water immediately before you head out, hydrating throughout the day is going to pay off. If you’re getting bored of water, try one of these post-run iced tea recipes.

Cleanse your face before heading out.

When the temperatures begin to climb, sweat-clogged pores become a problem. Many runners wash their faces thoroughly before the run to have squeaky-clean pores in advance and therefore reduce the chances of this happening.

Plan routes in shaded areas.

If you know it’s going to be above 30C, you’re looking for the coolest possible place to run your route. Loops of a park or trails of a shady forest are a good starting point. Maybe even plan your route near a lake. There’s no better way to end a run than a jump off the dock.

Mesh gear is your best friend.

Invest in mesh tops or shorts and you’ll never go back. Plenty of popular running brands are designing the best clothing to keep you cool during a run. Get an outfit made with mesh or other sheer materials. It will feel light and breezy, keeping you as cool as possible.