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Healthy homemade iced tea recipes to try

You’ve just returned from a hot summer’s workout and the first thing you do is guzzle a glass of water. Now that you’ve quenched your immediate thirst, you know you should continue drinking throughout the day to rehydrate, but you’re kind of sick of plain old water. Enter: homemade iced tea. Homemade versions are less sugar-laden than store-bought kinds, as well as lower calorie, meaning that you can indulge and rehydrate without feeling guilty. Need ideas to shake it up? Try these crisp, citrusy blends.

tangerine iced tea1) Lemon blueberry pomegranate iced tea

When you control the recipe, it means that you’re not stuck with all the added sugar of processed drinks. Adding lemon to white tea boosts the body’s ability to absorb its antioxidants. White and green tea contain less caffeine than black tea, so they are fine for afternoon sipping.

2) Tangerine raspberry iced tea

An important thing to remember when making iced tea is to add more tea bags than for regular hot tea. This is because when they ice melts, the tea will be more diluted than when you started.

3) Green apple mint iced teaThinkstockPhotos-477819463

Green tea has been touted to have amazing health benefits. When I was looking to compile a list of some of those benefits, I came across this extensive list by the University of Maryland. My executive summary: drinking green tea is a good idea.

4) Chamomile lavender iced tea

Chamomile is often recommended as a sleep-aid, because a cup before bed can help one to relax. But, on a hot summer night, the last thing Citrus-and-Rosemary-Iced-Teayou want before bed is to heat yourself up even more, making this iced chamomile tea a perfect option.

5) Citrus rosemary iced tea

This green iced tea is for the person with a bit more of a sweet tooth. Orange slices and a bit of honey cut through the green tea’s earthy taste.