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Taylor Reid finishes 5th in the first 70.3 of 2019

On Jan. 13th, Taylor Reid (CAN) began his 2019 season with a fifth-place finish at Ironman 70.3 Pucon in Chile – the first race of the race calendar.

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Reid spent most of the day at or near the front of the race. “I had a great swim and came out of the water in fourth or fifth place,” says Reid. On the bike, the Canuck remained in the top five with a strong 2:11:48 bike split.

Unfortunately, Reid could not stay with Santiago Ascenco (BRA), who ran a 1:17:55 half-marathon to win Ironman 70.3 Pucon. Reid would finish eight minutes back after running a 1:24:58. “It was an OK day, but not super great,” says Reid.

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Ascenco was followed by Andy Potts (USA) and Felipe Barraza (CHL).

Men’s Podium

  1. Santiago Ascenco (BRA) 3:59:33
  2. Andy Potts (USA) 4:02:45
  3. Felipe Barraza (CHL) 4:04:47

In the women’s race, Barbara Riveros (CHL) took the win ahead of Alicia Kaye (USA) and Macarena Salazar Ezquerra (CHL). As in the men’s race, the women’s race was close throughout the 1.9K swim and 90K bike. On the run, Riveros put six minutes into her nearest competitor. Kaye was able to hold off Ezquerra and take second place.

Women’s Podium

  1. Barbara Riveros (CHL) 4:30:07
  2. Alicia Kaye (USA) 4:36:02
  3. Macarena Salazar Equerra (CHL) 4:37:13