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Spinach and Feta Stuffed Chicken on Refreshing Mint Courgette Salad

28629e14-26bd-40f5-ae07-c843a98755a2– By Lucy Young

Here’s a tasty, nutrient-packedĀ recipe for lunch or dinner. With the spinach and feta stuffed chicken breast, this is a great option for triathletes looking to increase their protein intake.


Chicken Ingredients:

-2 medium sized chicken breasts

-2 teaspoon of olive paste/tapenade (Organic Nabali Olive Tapenade)

-1 small handful of spinach

-20 grams feta



-Set oven at 220 C broil

-Lay chicken flat and carefully slice the thickest part of the breast in half to make a pocket

-Spread 1 tsp of olive paste inside of each chicken

-Roughly chop spinach

-Put spinach and feta in the opening of the chicken

-Close up chicken breast with small metal skewer

-Place chicken in oven dish

-Place chicken in oven to broil for ~8 minutes each side

-Take out of oven and remove out skewers

-Carefully slice chicken breasts and serve on salad

-Garnish with the pomegranate seeds remaining from the salad and fresh pepper

SaladFullSizeRender 2

Salad Ingredients:

-1 cup of chick peas

-1 medium size courgette

-1/2 pomegranate seeds

-4 branches/handful of fresh mint

-100g broccoli

-2 tablespoons of capers

-5 ice cubes

-1/2 teaspoon cumin

-1 handful of arugula


-Drain chickpeas/capers (from the liquid in their container) using strainer, pat dry with paper

towel and season in bowl with cumin

-Blanch broccoli:

(Boil water in jug, cover broccoli in bowl with boiling water for 30 seconds, strain broccoli,

then place broccoli in a bowl of ice water. This makes the broccoli bright green but a little crunchy

and stops them cooking too long)

-Cut each end off the courgette and use vegetable peeler to peel courgette lengthwise on two


-Chop mint

-Place half of the pomegranate seeds with all above ingredients in a large bowl and toss

Tahini Dressing


-2 tablespoon of tahiniĀ (a delicious sesame seed paste!)

-5 0ml of lime juice

-1 teaspoon extra light olive oil

-25 ml of water (use to your own discretion)

-Pour tahini in small bowl/dressing mixer

-Mix in lime juice while stirring

-Add extra light olive oil

-Mix water until dressing becomes creamy and easy to pour

Final Directions

-Place sliced chicken on top of salad and drizzle tahini dressing on top. Enjoy this healthy

energizing salad for lunch or dinner!