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Shoe Review: Saucony Xodus 6.0 GTX


$165, Men’s: 352 g (12.4 oz.) Women’s: 301 g (10.6 oz.), Drop ratio: 8 mm

If you’re looking for a reliable winter shoe this year, the Saucony Xodus 6.0 GTX is sturdy and has many of the features which Canadian triathletes look for in a shoe for their winter running.

Its best quality is the fact that it wraps the runner’s feet in Gore-Tex to ensure that the toes stay dry. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than having slush or fresh snow leak through the toebox and leave socks feeling wet and soggy. This shoe ensures that that won’t happen. The Gore-Tex lining is almost a must for those running in Canada particularly for those who live in climates with sloppy winter weather. Whether it’s sleet or a dumping of snow that’s on the forecast, this is the pair to reach for.


The grip on this beast of a running shoe really makes it stand out against others this winter. Nice chunky lugs that line the edges of the sole will clutch to slippery streets, ice-crusted streets or trails with a coat of fresh snow. Saucony is offering an extra-grippy shoe that is toothy from the heel right up to the tips of the toes.

This one gives triathletes adequate support for long runs. It’s by no means a light-weight shoe and not for the triathlete who wants a soft, bouncy ride, however that said, it doesn’t feel cumbersome or bulky underfoot either. It serves to conquer the elements without having making you feel weighed down.

Finally, it aces in the looks department. Many shoes that aim to be highly functional fail when it comes to aesthetics but not this one. It’s orange/red and purple combination make it stand out against drab-coloured garments seen on winter streets. It’s flashy without being over-the-top.