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Lucy Charles-Barclay tests positive for COVID-19 – so far remains symptom-free

Long-distance star starts two weeks isolation

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

She wasn’t going to be racing at this weekend’s PTO Championship at Challenge Daytona anyway, but this probably wasn’t the way three-time Ironman runner-up Lucy Charles was planning on spending the next two weeks. The British star posted on her twitter account earlier today that she’s tested positive for the coronavirus COVID-19. Luckily enough, she has “zero symptoms so far.”

Athletes in Daytona preparing for the $1.15 million PTO Championship will start their second round of COVID tests tomorrow – they were expected to have a test done before they travelled to the race, followed by the tests being done this week here at the event site.

The United Kingdom is in the midst of a four-week lockdown that began on November 5. To date the country has had 1,617,327 cases of the virus, with 58,245 deaths.

Charles-Barclay seems to be taking the news in stride – no surprises there as she is renowned in the triathlon world as a class act – and will hopefully remain symptom free and come out of the two-week self-isolation rested and ready for a big 2021 season. Based on this recent video posted on the Team Charles-Barclay YouTube channel, if she can manage to keep husband Reece out, she’ll have an awesome training space for when she can get back into training!