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Italian triathlon solves age-old problem of crowded transition areas


Triathletes quickly get used to feeling crowded in the transition area, but the Triathlon Internazionale di Bardolino in Italy may have found a solution.

Italy’s most popular triathlon has a new features for the 33rd edition of their race. This year, they’re introducing a two-story transition area to accommodate more triathletes than previous years. The new system, named “Bardolinoland” is designed to accommodate 2,000 athletes. The wooden, 1,000 square metre second floor will have three non-slip access ramps.

This year’s race, taking place June 18th, has already surpassed the number of registrants from last year. The Olympic distance triathlon attracts elite and age-group athletes from all over the world. The race is also part of “Triathlon Race of Four Nations”, an international circuit of four Olympic distance races in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy offering additional prize money to the races’ individual prize purses.

Bardolino province is in northern Italy. The swim is located in Lake Garda, close to one of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations. If you’re looking for a unique, early season destination race, consider heading to Italy for combined racing and sightseeing vacation.

Registration and more info here.